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Kyrylo Taranenko
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Y-Productive is much more than a “to do” list software. It's pretty good when it comes to developing your planning skills. Here are some tips that may help you to organize your day much better.

  • Review your previous day before starting a new one. 

It will gain you valuable insights into your progress, tasks tempo and will allow you to set up priorities for today.

  • Start your schedule with the most important task.

It is the approach aimed to handle tasks with the highest value. The trick is to avoid spending your most energy-efficient time on the wrong priorities and getting your most difficult and time-consuming goal achieved before you have had a chance to procrastinate or become tired. You may change the priority of tasks by drag’n’dropping the most important ones to the top.

  • Turn off messengers and emails. 
    Since you’re working on the most important part of your day, it is better to stay focused as long as possible. Plan communication and tasks with lower priorities for the second part of the day when you’re tired.

  • Use the Focus mode to concentrate. 
    It will cut distracting websites away. You’ll be able to focus on your workday having no worries about your unproductive habits. To restore the access to blocked activities, stop a timer for a task. 

  • Break down tasks into small pieces. 
    Do the big task piece by piece: it will increase your focus and will let you check exactly which part requires the most effort and is difficult for you to concentrate on. As you complete each small task you get a feeling of progress which saves you from procrastination too.
The screenshot of our CEO's which indicates his usual productive day using all the advice above
  • Remember to plan time for a rest.
    While the term “unproductive time” may sound like something bad and evil, it is usually a good idea to schedule some rest time to clear your head. Don’t be afraid to have some YouTube fun when you need it.

    Having a well-timed break is as important as keeping your focus while working. When you have time tracking running on one of your tasks, the decision to open the app and stop the timer to have a rest will require enough effort from you to ensure that the necessity of a rest is conscious and is not caused just by procrastination. 
One of our team members spotted the productivity decrease and decided to take a break. He got back to his task refreshed and concentrated, which allowed him to finish work on time

Revisit the History tab and compare your days when you need to understand how you’re performing from a long-term perspective. 

Consider every day as a step towards your main goal and examine your activity from that point of view to see your progress in detail. 

That`s it! Thank you for reading the article, I hope it helps.

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