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Improving productivity is hard. Digital work is full of distractions.
That's why we made the app to help you focus on the most important tasks, every day.

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  Starting today:

 Reduce digital distractions

Eliminate all distracting websites in one click. Focus on the task in hand.

  Starting today:

 Get the real-time productivity feedback

Become aware of your performance on daily tasks and projects at a glance. Give proper estimates for the time spent on tasks based on hard data.

 In a few days of use:

 Develop a productivity habit

Starting the task sets your mind in a working mood. Stopping the task switches the type of activity. Turn your intention to work into a steady habit to get things done.

  In a few days of use:

 Control your work behavior

People get distracted at least 40 times per day which converts in 80 minutes wasted. It's 7 hours per week!
Learn what happens to your productivity and improve your work with knowledge.

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Recently I was looking for different ways to boost my productivity. While I was gathering knowledge, it started to be more and more obvious for me, that I can't make a relevant progress if I don't have data about my activities. Then I found Y-Productive and it perfectly fits my needs: it does the job of tracking my time and presents the data in a very nice and comprehensible form. I can spot what causes my productivity to drop with just one glimpse of an eye.
Michal Stechly
Researcher/Software Engineer at Estimote
I travel a lot and work remotely. I need to keep a lot of priorities on my mind because of it. Y-Productive helps to clear my head and start working. Planning my day in several detailed tasks appeared to be surprisingly valuable. I love how I get a lot of information for every activity of my workday now. It’s so comfortable to go through my objectives step by step and have the real-time feedback about my performance. Essential to keep my work in tonus!
Ivan Kniazevych
Digital nomad, owner at Open2World
I used to find myself checking news sites and didn’t know how I got there and how much time I spent - it was happening just automatically to me. I then used your Focus mode function, which instantly raised my productivity. What I love the most about it - I define what is prohibited for me on my own, so I maintain access to important website features required for my work. Now I have a powerful tool in a fight with my unproductive impulses!
Yuri Kudin
Program manager at SBTech
#1 Product of the Day
July 18, 2018
Free download
14-day free trial - No credit card required
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