About the App

Y-Productive is a desktop app that helps to focus on the most important tasks and prevents sidetracking.
The functionality includes:

With Y-Productive you always know where goes your time on web and what exactly you need to do to improve your work habits.

Meet the Founding Team

Product designer
Head of Marketing 

About Us

We pursue the goal of helping digital workers improve their productivity and quality of work. As a self-funded startup, we experienced a lot of “fubars” and figured out a lot of solutions. Personal freedom and equality in making decisions help us to stand together to this day.

We closely listen to our customers` feedback and constantly improve the application. You may always reach us in the chat on the website or in app to ask anything or receive help learning the app.

If you’re interested to learn how the idea of Y-Productive was born, read a story of how Alex was solving his own productivity problem