Productivity Chart

All the information about your workday detailed within one screen.

Behavior Analysis

Y-Productive logs your web and desktop activities as "Productive" or "Unproductive", tracks time spent on websites or apps and counts the number of your distractions.

Focus Mode

Block distracting websites with built-in automatic website blocker on Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

Activities Categorization

Build a personal working environment that best fits your needs.


Allocate your tasks under relevant projects and get the summarized statistics of your work.

Productivity Reports

Get summarized insights covering your performance and time spent on tasks or projects by days, weeks or months.

Coming soon features

Categorization Profiles

Choose among the pre-made categorization lists or customize your own presets and easily switch your preference for different kinds of working activities.


Train your productivity with goals like “Spend less than 45 minutes per day on Facebook” or choose yours. Set your personal daily goals and achieve more control over your habits.

Local or Cloud Data Storage

The synchronization between different devices or bulletproof data secureness locally? Make your own choice within the same productivity app!

In-depth productivity rules

Configure Y-Productive`s functionality settings according to your own preferences using methods that even a non-computer expert will understand.

Smart Coach

Improve your productivity with this neuroscience-driven personal assistant. Receive advice on your work based on your own behavioural patterns or delve deeper into analyzing how your mind works.

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