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Release date:
Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Founding date:
September 2016


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Narva mnt 5,
10117 Tallinn,

Y-Productive is a macOS and Windows productivity software which helps to improve your task performance.
It answers two evergreen questions:
- “What are my unproductive habits?”
- “How to get things done every day?”

With Y-Productive, you always know what, when and why you did something and how it affects your productivity on a certain project.

The whole workday, productivity feedback and to-do list fit one screen:

Try Y-Productive right in your browser on our Demo Page.
There is also a use case with the detailed interface and day context explanation.


  • Planning tasks
    Unlike all other productivity trackers, Y-Productive is built around user's tasks and the actions taken to complete them, instead of 24/7 time tracking.
    It means that you receive information only about the actions that impact your working process.
  • Minimalistic real-time productivity feedback
    Y-Productive`s chart is not just a timeline. Our users love how insightful and clean it is.
    The feedback is easy to pick up: the better you perform - the higher are the bars. Contextual menus provide all the necessary information about the work performance:
    a) List of productive activities
    b) Number of switches to unproductive websites and apps.
    All down to 5 minutes of any tracked moment of your working time.
  • Built-in free website blocker aka Focus Mode 
    While most of the competitors recommend using third-party paid software (Focus, etc.), we understand that a feature to cut off digital distractions is a ‘must have’ in a genuine productivity app. It improves the ability to concentrate on work right away.
    Currently it is available as an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, but we are working to make it available on other popular browsers like Firefox and Safari.
  • Intercom
    We have incorporated Intercom chat on our website and in the application. Our users may reach us at any time and share their feedback or ask us a question. A lot of people actually use it. We love speaking to our customers and visitors of our website!

You can take a look at the full list of Y-Productive features and our roadmap here.

Unique science-driven approach for the development:

  • The creation of the App was inspired by the productivity techniques suggested in “Your Brain at Work” written by Dr. David Rock.
  • All the elements of design develop useful habits:
    a) Manual start/stop button serves as a psychological trigger to concentrate on work,
    b) Focus Mode develops a habit of focusing on complex tasks longer,
    c) By analyzing the chart and pop ups the user learns a lot about his work habits.
  • App-usage strategy is similar to fitness. Y-Productive inspires taking of small noticeable actions to become more productive. Our users get used to being more organized and focused.
  • People, by nature, appreciate only the result of hard work - so the automatic productivity trackers (which are easy to forget about in the background) just don’t do the job.

Company Story:

We develop Y-Productive to help digital workers improve their task performance and therefore the quality of their life-work balance.

Y-Productive is a bootstrapped company. It took us a fair amount of  time to gather as like-minded people and equal co-founders. We now have a great synergy developing the application.

Read the full story of the Y-Productive origins here.

For business/startup bloggers we cover our unique non-fixed equity share principle.
Read more about our improved version of Dynamic Equity Split here.

Here’s the basic chronology of events for Y-Productive story:

  • August 2016 . Vlad and Alex quit their jobs to create a team that values transparency and freedom in the development. The decision is made to set a rule of improved version of Dynamic Equity Split as equity share principle.
  • Alex has several productivity burnouts and is in search of a productivity solution. Available time-tracking or productivity software doesn’t help to pinpoint what to do to improve your workday.
  • Alex reads a book “Your Brain at Work”. It provides him with a clue for a scientific approach to cure productivity issues.
  • September 2016. Alex invites his friend Nazar (machine learning specialist) and former startup colleague Anton (developer) to join the team.
  • 19th September 2016. The decision is made to develop a tool that will help digital workers to improve their workday.
  • Alex and Nazar question a lot of freelancers on Lviv Freelance Forum 2016 about their productivity issues. After the forum we agree on a decision to bootstrap the development to be able to listen to our customers as a first step.
  • November 2016 - end of January 2017. The proof-of-concept interviews with digital nomads and UX tests. Vasyl (UI/UX) designer joins the team.
  • February 2017. Artem, a close friend of Alex and senior developer, joins the team. Vlad proof-tests an app idea with a team of his classmates on Student Startup Camp Garage48.
  • 16th of May 2017. The official release of the Y-Productive application on our own website.
  • Summer 2017. Alex understands that we need to align the brand voice with the users and get rid of the “enterprise” look of our company. Kyrylo, the Head of Marketing joins the team.
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Y-Productive comes with a free 7 day trial and monthly subscription. The App comes as freemium (limited to 1 task per day after trial end if no subscription is purchased).

Currently we offer a 50% discount for the early users of Y-Productive beta.

For such users the price is €9/month. It will be raised when we finish the beta-stage.
For more details please refer to our pricing page.

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